Happy new year metal heads! I've got to say that 2005 is looking like a kick ass year for MM. First off I want to welcome two new members to the band, who both previously played for the Sacramento band Mask Of Sanity, Josh Ditri on vocals and Joe Lopresti on drums. We are currently auditioning bass players and are also looking for a second guitarist so if any of you heads know of anyone who's down, send 'em our way. We have already begun writing new material as well as working on select songs from the "Shades Below" CD. Be on the lookout for shows in the Bay Area and Sacramento later this year.
Stay Sick!!

  • December 8 - 2004:
  • The release date for Shades Below is set for sometime in January 2005. The CD is at the pressing plant as we speak and will be available through our merch page and also from the Hammermill Records website as soon as we get it in our hands. Mucus will be rehearsing for live gigs soon and hopefully will be back on the live circuit sometime in the summer of 2005. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for upcoming shows!
    Stay Sick!!

  • September 10 - 2004:
  • We are signed! Yes that's right, we've reached a deal w/ an up and coming label, Hammermill Records, for the first two Mucus full length CDs. As a result we'll only be offering a song or two off the new CD for download on the sounds page, but the demo material will still be available. Stay tuned for more news on our new record deal. We're hoping the CD will be out before the end of the year!
    Stay Sick!!

  • June 21 - 2004:
  • Ok,the full length is finally done and available for download. Go check out our sounds page to get all the songs from the new CD, Shades Below. It's being duplicated as we speak so in the next few months you should start seeing reviews in your favorite 'zines. We are also shopping the CD to various labels in hopes of securing a distribution deal in the near future. If you want to buy a copy of Shades Below you can check out our merch page in a few weeks or order it online from and a few other online retailers. Stay tuned for more info regarding our record deal and the online retailers who will be carrying the CD. Also, we'll be adding the ability to buy the CD and other merch directly from this site via Paypal, and our guestbook should be back up and running soon.

    The next project for Mucus will be a 9 song CD of our favorite thrash and speed metal covers (tentatively titled "Skull Crushers"). We're going to start recording in a few weeks and it should be out by the end of the year.

    Finally, be sure to check out Tom's other projects, Excarnum: extreme instrumental metal, and Skulldozer: a thrash/speed metal band that features Brad Kobylczak(Kuru) on bass, Kris Kulda(Avenger Of Blood, Spiritual Eclipse) on guitar, and Myran Whisler(Chamber 7, Relic) on drums. We should be hitting the Bay Area live circuit by the end of the summer!
    Stay Sick!!

  • Feburary 23 - 2004:
  • Finally!!!!! The new Mucus Membrane MP3s have arrived. I have uploaded 3 songs from the new CD, Shades Below on our sounds page click here. These are pretty close to the final mixes, I have a little more tweaking to do then I'll mix down the rest of the songs and send it off to the duplication house. So everyone download the new shit and email me w/ to let me know what you think.
    Stay Sick!!............. Tom

  • December 23 - 2003:
  • much has happened in the last 6 months. I have a new baby girl named Autumn Lee Persons born on July 2nd, 2003 and she has been taking up the majority of my time. However, I have been able to squeeze in recording session for the new Mucus full length which is WAY!!!! overdue. Never fear though, I've got vocals to lay down on just a few more songs before we go into post production and mastering. I'm hoping to be done by the end of January and I should have some new MP3s posted on the site in the next couple of weeks! In the meantime I've started a redesign of the web site and it will be rolled out in multiple phases over the next year or so. Look for the links page and the guestbook to be back up and running again soon! Also, all you local metalheads should start to see me at more shows in 2004..... I'm coming out of hibernation! I took a much needed break over the last year and a half but now with so much going on, both in the scene and for me personally, I want to get back into it! Oh, and everyone needs to check out my new band Excarnum. We do all instrumental, extremely technical death metal and I know all you Mucus fans will get a kick out of it, so go download the MP3s from our website!
    Stay Sick!!............. Tom

  • June 17 - 2003:
  • Wassup metalheads!! Yeah it's been awhile since I checked in and alot has happened in the last 8 months or so. The new Mucus CD is pretty much complete and will be released by the end of the summer. Sorry for the delay's but with my first kid on the way I've been hella busy. Plus the website was down for awhile so I'm sure some of you may have thought we were gone forever. Not so!! I plan to post a few new tracks from the upcoming CD on sometime in July so keep your eyes and ears peeled. You may be wondering what's going on with the band in general..... well I hate to say it but I doubt you'll be seeing a live Mucus show anytime in the near future. My search for decent musicians has been difficult as I am really demanding about the type of people I want to jam with. The bottom line is there are just too few really talented and dedicated metal musicians in the Bay Area and the ones that are around want to tour and make the band their full time job. That would have been really cool for me about 10 years ago, but these days I'm looking for a local project that wants to pump out new music on CD about once a year. I have a killer job at Digidesign (yes the makers of ProTools for those of you in the know) and aren't willing to deal with life on the road living out of the back of a van just to play in front of 100 people a night. With the proliferation of the internet it's just not necessary to do that anymore to get your music heard. Especially when your offering it for free! Yep, that's right I said FREE.... all the new Mucus songs will be available for free download on the internet. However, it will cost you for an actual copy of the CD since it does cost money for duplication and packaging. Anyway, check back soon for more info on the new CD "Shades Below" and be on the lookout for some artwork that I'll be posting in the next couple of weeks (provided my baby girl doesn't decide to show up before then!).
    Stay Sick!!............. Tom

  • September 29 - 2002:
  •     At last!!! The long awaited return of Mucus Membrane! It's been more than a year since our last show... the 2001 Milwukee Metalfest, but after a short break to try out other musical ideas and avenues we have come back full force to destroy the underground once again. Things looked bleak at this time last year with Jeff, Rob, and Val leaving the band shortly after the Metalfest debacle. This, more than any other reason led to the temporary demise of Mucus. With Tom joining Val briefly in his new project it looked as though Mucus might not reach it's full potential, or have a very bright future. However, once again Tom was drawn back to this addiction which is Mucus Membrane. Tom has taken the last two years of new material he has written and come up with 11 new songs which will be combined with the 4 songs from the "Defile the Weak" demo to comprise the long awaited Mucus full length "Shades Below" to be released in spring 2003.  Tom is currently in the studio tracking the CD with a few "guest" musicians and friends while solidifying the new line up. So if you know any grinding drummers out there, get 'em in touch with us..... we're now based in Sacramento, Ca.
    Stay Sick!!


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